Friday, May 27, 2011

The Friday Five

A friend's daughter had her wisdom teeth out this week. Five things I remember when I had my wisdom teeth removed.

1. I had just started working at the cement company, my first really big job. My boss told me to go to the hospital to have my wisdom teeth removed because the insurance plan would cover everything.

2. I was 25 years old.

3. I didn't want to go to the hospital where I used to work. Was too embarrassed for all the people I knew and worked with to see me looking like a chipmunk. Not to mention the ribbing I would take so I went to a hospital next town over.

4. The hospital food service sent up a piece of very dry fish for dinner which I couldn't eat because my jaw hurt so bad. I stabbed the fish a few times with my fork, gave up and just ate the jello.

5. The nurses were very concerned because my blood pressure was very low, 98/60. That's like near death. They came in every 15 minutes to take my BP. I tried to tell them 98/60 was normal for me and was probably on the high side. Took a lot of convincing or whining before I was allowed to go home with ice packs.

Have you had your wisdom teeth removed?


  1. Still have my wisdom teeth.

    And the girl is doing great. a little chipmunk-cheeked and Vicodin hazed, but cheerful. :)

  2. Wow... a hospital. Times have changed. I don't even recall swelling up much, but I had hideous dry socket after. I remember that like it was yesterday. ARGH!