Thursday, October 31, 2019


10/28 challenge prompt: Ride

10/29 challenge prompt: injured

10/30 challenge prompt: catch

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

T Stands for Hammond Castle - Part 2

A continuation of the tour of Hammond Castle. Still in the great hall.

Looking up to the 8,400 pipes of the pipe organ.

Looking into the covered courtyard.

The castle and grounds may be rented for a wedding or other private function.

Looking back through the great hall and the rose window

The rose window and the organ pipe

The covered courtyard contained tropical plants 

The pool was used for humidity control for the plants and as a swimming pool. And the drink reference for today is streaming water.

 Hammond had a nude statue of himself sculpted as a gift for his wife. I think the booklet said she wasn't amused.

Besides his home, the castle was also where he worked. He is known as the Father of Radio Control. You have Hammond to thank for your remote controls for your television and other devices. He did a lot of work for the Department of Defense during WWII.

As a youngster he met Thomas Edison and later Alexander Graham Bell, both became mentors to the young inventor.

This is a list of Hammond's patents. The list stretches from the floor to nearly the ceiling!

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Monday, October 28, 2019


10/17 challenge prompt: ornament

10/18 challenge prompt: misfit

10/19 challenge prompt: sling

10/20  challenge prompt: tread

10/21 challenge prompt: treasure

from ghoulies and ghosties
and long leggedy beasties
and things that go
bump in the night
good Lord deliver us

10/22 challenge prompt: ghost

10/23 challenge prompt: ancient'll dream about that box
It'll never leave you.
Big and little at the same time
Brand new and ancient
And the bluest blue ever.

11th Doctor  from the Doctor Who episode "The Big Bang"

10/24 challenge prompt: dizzy

I'm so dizzy my head is spinnin'
Like a whirlpool it never ends
And it's you, girl, making it spin
You're makin' me dizzy.

"Dizzy" (1969) by Tommy Roe

10/25 challenge prompt: tasty

10/26 challenge prompt: dark

10/27 challenge prompt: coat

Sunday, October 27, 2019

The Gardens and Grounds on Enders Island

I arrived an hour before check-in so the first place I visited was my little beach

During the Summer, there were hundreds of sea spiders (tiny, hermit crabs) scampering in the water. They are all gone except for one that I saw. (The black dot in the center of the photo)

The Holy Gully wasn't sitting on his perch on top of the cross. I have since learned the gull's name is Gunther. There have been many Gunthers over the years.

Fall came to the island and there were lots of crisp leaves to shuffle through.

Late blooming rose,


and one measly petunia.

With the vegetation cut back, I found some things I hadn't seen (or maybe remembered)

I found Dolphin Boy, the cousin to Worcester's famous Turtle Boy

and a statue of St. Francis. The prayer of St. Francis was the text we would be lettering this week.

Across from the studio, the hydrangeas were still hanging on.

At sunrise, each morning, I went to the little beach. It was cold early in the morning. Sea foam dotted the beach like clumps of snow.

One morning, there was a purple jellyfish. 

Most mornings began with a glorious sunrise.

An over board

pine cone

It rained Tuesday night into early Wednesday morning. There was ponding at the end of the driveway by the causeway, a blurred line where land began and sea ended.

I think this is the current Gunther. He was strutting around the parking lot as if he owned the place.

A lone dahlia. 

A beautiful sunset

followed by a brilliant sunrise on my last day on the island.

How does your garden grow?