Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Day 21 - More Pipes

Today, the contractor laid out and marked the space for the mural. He also marked out the vanity and moved the water lines. He didn't have to move the drain. PhewBefore he left, he used a spray sealer on the grout lines. I had to shut myself in the sunroom as the fumes were strong and were making me Faint

Tomorrow, he hopes to wallboard the laundry area and shower and put up the shower walls with the new shower head.

Other than the floor, the bathroom is still ugly.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Day 20 - The Pipes, The Pipes Are Calling

The contractor arrived this morning. Blue They went right to work plumbing the pipes for the washer and the emergency shutoff valve. The new shower safety valve was also installed. I was too busy yacking on the phone to Lambie who just returned from the calligraphy conference in Canada, On The Phone I didn't hear what the contractor told Himself the plans would be for tomorrow. I think I heard the floor grout would be sealed, the under floor heating element would be installed and maybe the rest of the shower. Prayer

Other than the floor, the bathroom is still ugly. Winky

Saturday, July 28, 2007

National Day of the Cowboy

Today is the National Day of the Cowboy. "The National Day of the Cowboy organization touts the day as one set aside by the United States Senate to pay homage to our Cowboy and Western heritage, as well as to honor working cowboys and cowgirls, rodeo athletes, western musicians, cowboy poets, western artists, ranchers, and all others who continue to contribute to the cowboy and western culture in America today." They couldn't have picked a better day to celebrate!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Day 19 - Call Back

The contractor returned my call this morning. Poor kid, was in the hospital! Holy MolyHe has an appointment with his doctor to try to determine what's wrong.

He assured me the project would still go ahead. He called his plumber and the plumber and his dad will be here on Monday.

We wish the contractor a speedy recovery. Angel

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Day 17 - Where Oh Where Has the Contractor Gone?

The contractor didn't show up today. Didn't call. Blue Himself called the contractor's cell phone but only got the voicemail. Sure hope nothing horrible has happened.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Day 16 - Grout

Not much to be said. The grout was applied. Bet the contractor wished we had 12" x 12" blocks instead of all those grout lines. Purple Smiles

Day 15 - Pass the Arrow to Go

The floor is in! WoohooIt just needs to be grouted. Until the tile near the shower had time to set, the ladies rode side saddle. Too Funny Beats the two seater and no splinters!
The contractor spent a lot of time cutting the edge tiles. It almost looked like he was putting a mosaic together. What patience!

Monday, July 23, 2007

My Major Award!

My friend, Erica from On The Write Path surprised me with a Rockin' Girl Blogger award. It feels good to get an "atta girl!" Thanks, Tam. Cowboy

Blogging is entertaining as well as helps to keep my sanity.

Though I sincerely appreciate the award, Tam, it's well....pink. Definitely not my color! So, I opted for a leg lamp in tarty red in honor of you, Tam. ROTFL Maybe Kevin would like one too instead of the girlie pink award.

I'm supposed to tag others, but there are so many blogs I enjoy reading, I think you all deserve an award. Bravo Feel free to follow the link from the leg lamp to customize it for your own page. If you really want the pink one, Sickened copy the Rockin' Girl Blogger image and upload to your own site.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Another Birthday

Today, my baby turned 15 years old. 15. Still a mix of little girl with hints of the woman she will become peeking through.

She loves animals especially dogs so this recipe for Dalmatian cupcakes was perfect. They are filled with a creamcheese filling (I used strawberry cream cheese). Aren't they cute?

She's patiently waiting for her sister to get home from work so we can have a family celebration and go out to dinner.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Day 14 - The Long Blue Line

For the past two nights, the little princesses and Himself were on "vacation" at the Econo Lodge down the road a piece. We sent out for pizza and subs, had snacks, watched tv, played on the computer and took advantage of the bathroom.

Himself left the hotel early this morning to be around when the contractor arrived. The girls and I, had a leisurely morning of showers, cartoons, and a free continental breakfast. We then checked out of the hotel, and I took the Eldest to her cube farm where she works.

When I arrived home, I was greeted by the contractor and the long blue line. He had painstakingly laid tile on half of the bathroom and reinstalled the old toilet so we wouldn't be without facilities for the weekend. He's been very accommodating, and has left us with a working shower and toilet.

Himself is overjoyed to have his own familiar necessary Toilet ReadingI'm glad we don't have to spend another night at the hotel. Though the location is convenient, it's not exactly a five star accommodation for the price charged.

Those minor inconveniences are overshadowed by the progress. Just look at the beautiful floor! All those blue dots lined up like soldiers dressing the line. Perfect! The contractor put down a blue tape line of demarcation so we would not walk on the tiles while they set and cure. We have enough space to maneuver to make use of the facilities. Roll Anyone who walks on the tile will be placed against the wall and shot per order of Marshal Toll.Sheriff

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Day 13 - The Floor Has Landed

Today was not a long project day as a section of the floor still was not dry. The contractor did make edge cuts on some of the floor tiles. He also cut and laid the tiles around the toilet drain. The old toilet never sat on the floor, but on a pile of washers, and caulking that was built up to support it. ShockedSo he built up the floor to meet the toilet flange. The new toilet will sit on the floor the way it is supposed to. Good news, the drain does not need to be moved and is in good shape, no rust. Woohoo

With a small section of the floor down, the project took on a new dimension. The lines of the white tile are so clean looking. The diamond dot is a deep cobalt blue, though in the picture it almost looks black. The bathroom is still ugly, but with improvement. Roll

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Day 12 - More of the Same

Today was the day the tile was to be laid. The contractor removed the toilet and had to prepare the floor. First, the underlayment was screwed down tightly to remove the squeaks. Then, a coat of floor leveler was to be applied. It wasn't the same product as he used yesterday as that side of the floor had to be built up and applied thick. He used a new product. It was supposed to dry in 15 minutes. Except the humidity today was around 90% and it didn't look like it was going to dry any time soon.

He also found two boxes of tiles that were chipped or had defects in them. He was going back to Lowe's to see about getting more tile with the same dye lot number.

The little princess Princesstook her credit card and the Young One and got a room at the Econo Lodge down the road a piece. We have a clean bathroom and free wireless Internet. I'm a happy camper. We might be here tomorrow night too.

Didn't think it was possible, but the bathroom is even uglier than yesterday.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Day 11 - Prep Work

Before coming to work for the day, the contractor stopped by the plumbing supply to check on the vanity. It's not worth the effort to fix. I ordered another one, and delivery is expected in three weeks.
The bathroom floor has a five degree list. Before the tile can be set, the floor needs to be level and the underlayment screwed down to remove all squeaks.

The contractor poured the leveling goop and laughed as the puddle quickly rolled to the back wall. Tomorrow's plan is to remove the toilet and set the floor tile.

We might be without a toilet for two days! NervousWhat's a little Princess to do? Why take the credit card and go to the Econo-Lodge down the road.
The bathroom is still ugly.