Tuesday, May 17, 2022

T Stands for the Proper Way to Eat Tim Tams

While shopping at Ocean State Job Lots, a bargain store, Himself found packages of Tim Tams. Tim Tams are Australian cookies  (biscuits).  Chocolate cookies with a creamy filling and enrobed in chocolate. There are several varieties: Original, Dark Chocolate, Chewy Caramel, Double Coat, Murray River Salted Caramel, and White. I've had the Dark, Original, and Chewy Caramel. 

Apparently, I haven't been eating these cookies correctly.

From Toots: and remember you have to also try the normal choc one, put one end into your Coffee, and suck it through the Tim Tam.

She even sent a link to a video


I don't drink coffee so Toots suggested a cup of hot chocolate. I gave it a try, and though delicious, I didn't like the Tim Tam melting so I would have to cram the whole thing in my mouth. No, thanks. I'll savor them one bite at a time.

Besides finding the cookies at Ocean State Job Lots, I have also seen them at Target.

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Monday, May 16, 2022

Blizzard Book

The Blizzard Book is a small book structure invented by book artist, Hedi Kyle. It has nothing to do with snow or a blizzard except for the fact that Kyle was stuck inside her house during a blizzard and she came up with a new way to fold paper into a book.

The book is folded and needs no glue or sewing and is a variation of an accordion fold. Unlike other books that can be made at any size this book requires a sheet of paper 7 5/8" (or 7 3/4") wide by 17" in length. It's best done with solid color paper or paper that is decorated on both sides. 

If you don't have such a long sheet of paper, you can tape 2 sheets of standard 8 1/2" x 11" paper held in landscape format. Using Washi tape would add extra decoration. The paper then can be cut down to the proper width.

When folded, the book will have 8 pockets which can hold a standard business size card (2" x 3 1/2"), gift card, or credit card. You can follow along with this tutorial to fold a Blizzard book.

I made the book as a birthday card for Himself. Besides a gift card, I also made gift cards or certificates for Himself to redeem

The book would make a cute album for new parents or grandparents. It can also be used to hold affirmation cards as well as serve as a business card holder.

Happy Birthday, Kid! I hope you saw the real card before seeing it splashed all over the blog. 😸

Sunday, May 15, 2022

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Field of wishes

What's up, buttercup?

Wild strawberry

The lily of the valley pips have popped

It turns out the green thing Himself planted is a Clematis

Potential wishes

Hey! What are you doing out there? Shouldn't you be in here filling our food bowls?

Calli peeking through the dirty window

The peas are climbing

New, little branches on the Japanese maple. I need to read up on how to propagate so I can give a sapling to the Nephew.

Quill avidly watches the inside of his eyelids while

Calli watches the bluejay and the little, red squirrel.

The first perfect day of many (I hope)

The woods leafing out

Inside, Lily is about to flower

Waxing gibbous moon

Ursa Minor (Little Dipper) and Polaris (The North Star), the end star of the handle

The International Space Station visible just above the top of the tree.

And sails over the house (the bright spot near the center of the photo)

How does your garden grow?

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Fun Facts about the Commonwealth of Massachusetts


Photo by Kristina Paukshtite: https://www.pexels.com/photo/red-berries-139917/

In 1994, cranberries were designated as the official state berry. Twenty-four years earlier, in 1970, cranberry juice was crowned the official beverage of Massachusetts as a nod to the cranberry industry.

Massachusetts is the second largest producer of cranberries being beaten out by the state of Wisconsin.

Friday, May 13, 2022

The Friday Five Good Things


Five good things that happened this week.

1.  No more drive by fish fry so we went to Uno's for deep dish pizza

2. Himself found a Mother's Day card from the kitties which he addressed to Mama mama mama because that's how Calli calls me in the morning when she wants to be fed. 😸

3. The Eldest sent a gorgeous orchid to me for Mother's Day. It's pet friendly and supposedly easy to care for.

4. Beautiful weather so we took a trip to the cemetery to visit my folks.

5. Moved the television out to the sunroom. The sunroom is now open for the season.

How was your week?

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Hanging Out


Sometimes, Quill likes to hang out in his carrier for some alone time or nap time. Funny, when you want him in the carrier to go to the vet or to the groomer, it's a wrestling match to get him in.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022