Monday, March 19, 2018

My Little Corner

Himself spent the beginning of his Spring break putting together storage units. The bookcase fits in the closet for all the calligraphy books. There's even enough room for the teaching bag.

A small, microwave cart holds yarn and hopefully, all the genealogy research. 

I was looking at window decals. The Young One suggested Ink looking up at the birds. The decals were all permanently applied to a surface. I wanted removable, reusable vinyl. What to do? DIY, of course. I found some window cling at Michael's. Traced an image of a cat on it, and what's the phrase all you mixed media people use? Ah, fussy cut the cat for a fun window decoration.

I love using essential oils for aromatherapy. They are also helpful during allergy season, if it ever arrives. I found a cute diffuser to go with the bird theme. Ok, technically it's a duck, but it could be a yellow canary. If you look through one eye and squint.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

How Does Your Garden Grow?

With an impossible blue sky and puffy lamb clouds, it was hard to believe a big storm was barreling its way up the coast. Again.

It was so nice, the day before the storm, I was tempted to put Seaumus back out. I didn't.

At the start of the storm, poor Ben Dover curled into a fetal position and cried. If the window ledge had been wider, I would have gotten up there and joined him.

Barely at the beginning of the storm, the plow went by and murdered the poor mailbox..

The storm was supposed to let up mid-afternoon, but it didn't. After supper, Himself and I decided to get out for the first pass at clearing the walk and the driveway. It was still snowing lightly. The (haunted) solar lights came on to create a festive atmosphere for shoveling.

We got a healthy 18 inches (45.72 cm) of snow.

The following morning the mailbox is barely visible.

After much digging, I was able to right the mailbox. The sanding truck came by while I was digging out the mailbox and I gave him my Mama is not happy face.

After shoveling the path to the back feeder, the first one to show up was the cardinal. Hi, Dad! 

Through the dirty kitchen window, the over hanging snow looked like lace. If you close one and and squint.

The sun was out, the winds died down, and no storms on the horizon for St. Patrick's Day, at least. Seamus was back on his perch as official St. Paddy's Day greeter.

Red sky at night, sailors delight.

With sunshine and blue skies behind him, Ben Dover chants,  "Nohm-more snow....nohm-more snow....nohm-more snow."

How does your garden grow?

Friday, March 16, 2018

The Friday Five Good Things

Five good things that happened this week.

1. Himself brought home fish and chips for supper.

2. The Eldest received her Pi Day package. Loved the Pi Day scrub top

3. The doorbell died. I ordered a wireless doorbell with 52 different rings. Current ring tone is Für Elise. It also has two receivers one for upstairs and one downstairs or in the sun room.

4. The Eldest sent a St. Patrick's Day card, a nice surprise.

5. No snow, no hurricane force winds, sunshine, and did I mention no snow at least for the next couple of days? I put Seamus the Leprechaun welcome flag back outside for St. Patrick's Day

How was your week?

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Throwback Thursday - The Notebooks

To clear up some confusion, the Notebook passages posted on Throwback Thursday were written by my father and found by me after he passed away. They were his attempt to tell the family history. He was in his late 80s or early 90s when he wrote them. Today's chapter:

We were also in the 3rd year of the Depression. I was 12 years old at the time. And things began going down hill at the house. My father's shop shut down and jobs were scarce in the tailoring business. Money was scarce. Our holidays were not the way they were and we wrote Santa Claus for gifts.

My father at one time said I was so fresh [ed: naughty] that Santa would only give oranges. On Christmas Eve there was a knock on the door. When my mother asked "Who is it?", and it was Santa. But I set up a holler. I said that is not Santa. It's Papa. I caught on as he was not a good actor. He tried.

The following year Santa came in the form of a package that the city raised for needy kids.

Things got bad and the schools lost their sports. I was looking forward to playing soccer ball. Due to the Depression, the City cut this sport out for grammar and junior high schools. And kept the high school sports.These sports football, baseball were open to the public which paid admission.

I was 12 years old and in the seventh grade. We had mixed classes. One thing that was different at the Donald McKay was that we changed classes and had a boy and girl student to assist the teachers in keeping the lines moving in the long corridors.

The monitors were elected by the class and a girl who took a liking to me enter my name as a candidate. I was not giving her any attention. /I made it clear by face and body language that I did not want anything to do with her. She was pretty but some what dense upstairs. Anyway, she was happy-go-lucky and liked by the girls and some of the boys.

My opponent was a well-liked girl, at least by the boys. The election was conducted by standing when the teacher called the names. My name was called first and most of the girls voted for me with some boys. And then those voting for the girl. I got the most votes. But the teacher selected the girl to to be the monitor. It wasn't the way elections were supposed to be run. It may have been that when practically all of the girls voted for me, she [ed: the teacher] seemed surprised. I suppose she felt with me out in the corridor with other girls passing by that a number might want to stop or flirt. Not very good. On the other hand, I was miffed and I id not think I was an idol.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Pi Day

A repeat post from 2009

Today, is Pi Day. You remember pi, 3.14... the number that is the relationship between the diameter and circumference of a circle? Yeah, you remember. Today, March 14 celebrates that constant. So seven things about Pi and Pi Day

1. The best part is you get to eat pie. On today's menu will be chicken pot pie and for dessert, I'm leaning towards a blueberry yogurt pie.

2. Pi has been around as long as dirt. It's been known for almost 4,000 years.

3. Pi Day also coincides with Albert Einstein's birthday. He would have been 130 years old today. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Herr Professor!

4. This holiday isn't a Hallmark holiday. You're not guilted into sending cards or gifts! You can just enjoy the day.

5. The symbol for pi, Π, was first used in 1706 by William Jones

6. Pi was first calculated by Archimedes

7. Pi Day was first celebrated in 1987 by Larry Shaw at the Exploratorium in San Francisco

So there you have it, Pi Day. Go celebrate. Walk around a circle, and eat some pie.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

T Stands for St. Patrick's Day

 Dad's birthday was on St. Patrick's Day, March 17. He always joked he was more Irish than the Irish. As long as I can remember, we always had a birthday bash for Dad. Sometimes small, with immediate family and sometimes, large with extended family.

Festive St. Patrick's Day insulated hot and cold drink cups. Since Himself and I don't drink coffee, Ma bought a small coffee pot like she had at home so when she came here, she could make coffee. I've been told I make horrible coffee.  The little coffee pot perked its last many years ago so when The Brother visits, he would stop at the Dunkin' Donuts down the road apiece and get a Box of Joe (An insulated, cardboard jug of coffee that serves 10. )

In the photograph, The Eldest, 6 years old, and 2 year old, Young One help Grandpa blow out his birthday candles on his 75th birthday. We celebrated that birthday on Sunday, March 13, 1994.

This year, Grandpa would have celebrated his 99th birthday. Buon Compleanno, Dad!

Drop by hosts, Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog to find out what the rest of the T Stands For gang is up to. If you want to play, include in your Tuesday post a beverage or container for a beverage. Don't forget to link your blog to Bleubeard and Elizabeth's page.