Monday, August 24, 2009

ATC Prep Work

The next ATC theme is pets and it occurred to me the 1. Sept. deadline is just around the corner. Today, I began the prep worked involved for making the ATCs.

I had an idea in my head involving my pet, a black cat named, Ink. I also had a piece I worked on that went awry so I happily cut it up into 2 .5" x 3.5" cards. Paper used was Diploma Parchment. Thought it would be fun to marble the cards. Dropped some sumi ink into a pie plate of water (the technique is called suminigashi marbling) and floated the cards on top. Ta-da!

On pieces of off cuts, I sketched an outline of Ink in his favorite spot, looking out the sun room slider. I went over the outline with a pointed pen and sumi ink and then painted the outline in sumi ink.

Tomorrow, I'll cut the Inks out and glue them to the cards. Then will letter, "I play with Ink" on each card.
You wouldn't think there would be any preparation to making a tiny card, but there you have it. An idea, paper selection, media selection, technique, sketching, outlining, painting. And I don't have a final product yet!

What kind of prepartation do you take in your line of work?


  1. very cool!

    There's lots of prep work that goes into writing a novel, but you know all about that, because I whine about it to you fairly often. :D

  2. My life is prep work. Ink would be proud!