Friday, November 30, 2012

The Friday Five

Christmas decorations that I've started putting up.
 Last year, I wasn't in a festive mood. It was the first year my parents were in the nursing home. I was also dealing with the stress of trying to find a facility that would take both of them.

The shelf sitters were my mother's, given to her by a dear friend. I had them last year, but put them in a bag and forgot about them. Came across the bag while I was cleaning. I haven't decided what to call them. My parents bickered a lot. So much that the staff at the first nursing home they were in called them the Bickersons.

Ma placed this little gal with her Christmas stocking  on the fireplace mantle. I came across her while cleaning this summer. Her head broke on the ride home, but luckily it was a clean break. A little bit of glue, and the little miss is good as new.

 I love the sound of the jingle bells on the back of the front door. Sometimes, they stay all year round.

The year before my parents went into the nursing home, I had brought a small tree to put on the table in the living room as decorating the whole house was beyond them. I bought a few new ornaments for the little tree as there were too many pink ornaments. (Ma's favorite color)

I love the witch The Eldest gave me for no special reason. Love the broom and the sign I made: Yes, I can drive a stick. Pop an ornament on and a decoration for Samhain becomes a Yule decoration.

Have you stared decorating your house for the holidays?

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