Friday, November 9, 2012

The Friday Five

Some of you were asking about my cat when he was a kitten. Five plus things about Baby Ink

1. Ink is not a code name for one of my kids. Ink is the cat's real name. The girlies (ages 9 and 5 when we got him) decided he looked like the color of my ink.

2. He is all black except for 6 white hairs on his chest. I've been told an all black cat is extremely rare.

3. He was the runt of two litters and so small he could fit in the palm of my hand and still most of my hand could be seen. I think he was taken away from his mama too soon. When we got him, he couldn't eat the bitty kitty kibble. So for a month or so, I cooked Ink scrambled eggs and oatmeal every morning until his jaw and teeth got strong enough to crunch the kibbles.

4. He is not a friendly, cuddly, lap kitty. You have to wait for Ink to make affectionate advances, usually at 4:30 am and 11 pm.

5. He caught sight of the UPS man one day and growled and hissed. I'm not sure why. The only thing I can think of is Ink doesn't like the color brown.

6. He gave up the kitty bed in favor of my bed.

7. He likes a crumb or two of yellow cake.

8. He would sometimes jump up on the table and grab a bit of broccoli. He liked broccoli, but the broccoli did not like him.

9. He has a tendency to inhale his kibble and then exhale it (usually on a rug). To slow him down, there's a golf ball in his dish.

10. He's allergic to seafood. even though he likes it.

11. One night, Ink jumped up on the table and grabbed Himself's steak right off the plate. The piece of steak was bigger than Ink's head. The girls laughed to see Ink run away with daddy's dinner. Himself was not amused.

12. Ink had a twin sister. When The Eldest said she wanted a girl kitty and The Young One said she wanted a boy kitty, I thought why not. Until I caught sight of Himself giving me the Don't-You-Even-Think-About-It-Look. The twin was too frisky so the girls picked the quiet, calm Ink.

13. Ink talks. He can distinctly say: "Me out" or "Out" when he wants to go out on the porch or the sun room. He also says "Now" as in "Are you going to take a nap, now?" or loudly "NOW" at night when he wants to go to bed.

14. He follows me around during the day. He'll watch me or nap wherever I'm working. The girlies call him my familiar. He sits by the stove while I'm cooking in hopes of getting a treat.

15. He likes to jump up on tables and push small items off. He's especially fond of tipping over paper cups as he like watching the contents splash on the floor.

16. He jumps up onto the microwave cart where his treat pouches live. He tries to get at the treats. If he only had thumbs!

Anything quirky about your pet?


  1. My cat is also not a cuddly, affectionate cat, but if I sit down to get some work done, she's all over me. It drives me bananas.

  2. LOL, the Friday 16!

    Glad to know Ink isn't a code name. HAHA :)

  3. He's so cute!!!

    I've heard him say "now!" and he's adamant about it. :)

  4. Ink sounds very cute (read mischievous!) Husband is teaching Fluffy to be a dog. And doing pretty well. She begs for food at the table (something the dog would get in trouble for!) He’s even taught her to ‘speak’. They carry on long conversations together.