Friday, September 20, 2013

The Friday Five

Five things to do in your car while you wait for an appointment.

1. Because you're going to be early, stop by the local Panera and get a hot chai to go.

2. Open the windows and the moon roof because it's such a gorgeous day.

3. Savor the chai

4. Play with your iPad or smartphone, but do something productive like check your email. You don't want to get caught playing Candy Crush.

5. Complain to Verizon via Twitter and Facebook that the 3G service in the town you're in sux. Wonder why you should upgrade to 4G. Seems if they can't guarantee fast 3G speeds why should their 4G be any better?

What do you do while you wait for an appointment?


  1. Tidy out the glove box
    Hunt for sweets
    Polish fingerprints off windows
    Hunt for coins
    Play solitaire on phone

  2. Where I service my car is a few blocks from where I work. I drop it off at noon and pick it up after work. Done and done.

  3. Flow Free......time wasting, free app.....what could be better?