Tuesday, May 21, 2024

T Stands for a Cheap Dinner

Earlier in the month, I had a late afternoon appointment in Boston. One thing I hate doing is driving in Boston because I have no idea how to get around the city. I can get most places using the T, Boston's subway system, but driving. Nope. If you ask me which way is North, I'll point up. So I asked Teague if she would mind driving me in.

I went over to her house around noon and we hung out in the sunroom and then she drove Miss Daisy to her appointment. The appointment wasn't long, but we got out in the middle of rush hour traffic. The appointment was on a Monday and lots of people told me, the traffic won't be bad coming home because no one goes into work on Mondays or Fridays. They lied.

Teague was following the GPS and trying to get in the correct lane to head to the Pike, but traffic was too heavy and she had to miss the turn. We ended up following the River Road and finally connecting with Route 20 as the (old) Boston Post Road. 

We had decided we would go out to dinner so we were in no hurry to get home. Meandered our way, reminiscing about places we used to haunt (the Marriott Hotel in Newton had the best Philly cheese steak sandwich. The steak and cheese was okay, but the braided Brioche roll made the sandwich outstanding.Sadly the hotel is no longer a Marriott). 

Because we've been doing weekly breakfasts and sometimes lunch, we decided to try to find a cheap place to eat.

Driving through Sudbury, Teague said, "We could eat at the Wayside Inn."

"We could, but that's not cheap eats. Besides, I didn't think it that good the last time we ate there."

"I know. Let's stop at Stephen Anthony's".

The restaurant is just up the road from the Wayside Inn. I remembered it as an ice cream/sandwich type shop.

It was a lot fancier than I remembered.

Even though it was the dinner hour, the restaurant was empty. Only one other patron besides us. We were shown to a booth with a view of the Sudbury River.

On the ride over, I decided I wanted dessert. So I was going to order an appetizer so I would have room for dessert. Of course, that would depend on what the dessert menu was. I asked the waitress if she could bring over the dessert menu and saw a dessert that appealed to me. Perfect.

I had my usual unsweetened iced tea (or it could have been an Arnold Palmer, I forget) Teague had a Sprite.

I ordered the crab cakes appetizer and 

the waitress brought me the crab cakes dinner with mixed vegetables, rice pilaf, and a delicious corn relish. Oh, well.  I ate less than half and would have an awesome lunch the following day

Service was a bit slow, but we were in no rush. We watched the swans on the river, and talked and talked.

This swan found something tasty.

My dessert a beautiful presentation of strawberry shortcake on real biscuits, not those spongy cake shells.

The bill came and the dinner was decidedly not cheap eats.

"Kid, the next time I say, "Let's go someplace like Cheap Eats, let's go someplace like Cheap Eats."

"Next time."

A beautiful sunset on the way home.

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  1. Nice view from your table - perhaps you wouldn't get that with Cheap Eats ;-)

    1. No, that view definitely wouldn't have come with cheap eats.

  2. There had to be a reason why the place was empty, but then again, it was Monday. Your meal looks great, and I think driving in Boston always guarantees traffic. But you got to spend some time with your friend. which is good. Have a super T day. hugs-Erika

    1. We had a great time as we always do when we're together

    2. And that´s what counts!!! Yipeee to that - have a great T-Day!

  3. there’s not enough cash on the planet to get me
    to drive in a lot of cities; never mind that Im “ directions “
    challenged, but boston would be one of those cities

    that is a nice restaurant though πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“….hope a catty
    bag was brought home for calli and quill 😺😺‼️

  4. Life is short! Enjoy the NOT 'cheap eats'! 😊

  5. Eating in an empty restaurant always makes me unhappy. I wonder what’s wrong with it, or what’s wrong with me. Your meal doesn’t look bad, though bad service in an empty restaurant is really annoying. At least the dessert was ok.
    best, mae at maefood.blogspot.com

    1. The food was good. If one was looking for a quick bite, this wasn't the place

  6. I just got Valerie's and Lyn's comments to publish, so I'll take the chance 3rd time will work, too.

    I enlarged the part of the menu you showed. Most everything was between $19 and $25, which is NOT cheap, but I live in a different part of the country than you. Who would pay $4 to add a bit of avocado to their salad? I get avocados for $0.50 at Aldi. That place is making a killing.

    The one good thing was, the view was great and you had a relaxed and enjoyable meal with Teague. THAT at least took some of the sting out of the cost of the meal. And the dessert looked wonderful.

    Thanks for sharing your meal and drinks with us for T this Tuesday, dear CJ.

  7. Nice views always cost money. But it looked great, yummy! Happy T Day, hugs

  8. I left a comment and it's gone! Happy T Day!

    1. It will probably show up days later in my spam folder.
      😸 Thanks for stopping by

  9. Great view! And a splurge every once in a while is fun .

  10. I hate driving in a busy city where I don't know the way. It stresses me out. I was in the USA once and people would give me directions like 'drive north for so many miles'. Well, being European, I had no idea where north or south was. Great that Teague was 'happy' to drive.
    Then a nice meal with a view on the water. Yes, I looked at the menu and it was rather expensive, but you were together and relaxed and the food was good, so who cares.
    Happy T-Day,

    1. As people have said, life is too short to worry about a splurge

  11. Wow - that strawberry dessert looks fabulous. Everywhere you go to eat now is expensive - or seems like it. I don't even know why people do fast food anymore since it is terribly high and not good in most cases. Lovely view.

    I hate driving in big cities. I used to not mind it so much but now it stresses me out. Glad you could get around and find everything.

    Happy late T-day and hugz