Saturday, May 6, 2017

Pen/Brush Rest

One of my 26 Seeds classmates had the cutest pen/brush rest. It was a little, porcelain dachshund. Just adorable. She said it was actually a chopstick rest and a gift from a friend.

I've been thinking about the pen rest all week. Looking at pictures of them online. A good way to put off homework. Saw some cute ones. A roly-poly panda lying on his back and you rest the utensil on his belly, a whale where the rest was on the tail, a porcelain crane made to look like an origami crane, and cats lots of cats. Just what a crazy, cat lady would love.

Eventually trolling the Interwebs gave way to homework, but I was still thinking about the kitty pen rest. I still had a bag of black Crayola Model Magic. So, after I made a fairly decent attempt at a pressurized letter, "I", I rewarded myself with a bit of procraftination. I made a black cat pen rest (what else would I make? 😼 ) Sometimes Ink would lie down with his front legs completely tucked under him. You couldn't tell he had front legs. He looked more like a loaf of bread. That position cracked me up so that's the position I sculpted the pen rest. So, if I can't make decent pressurized Romans, at least I'll have a cute pen rest.


  1. It came out great CJ! What a great idea too. I think Inky the pen rest is way better than any one you could buy, especially since its a way to have Ink's spirit with you. Hugs-Erika

  2. Love the pen rest. Good luck with the practice. Perfection is the enemy of the good! Just keep going!😘

  3. WOW! Looks just like Ink! Your talents are never ending! :D

    1. :-D You've swelled my head so much, I'll need to wear two cowboy hats