Sunday, May 14, 2017

A Prezzie

My friend, Frauee, is a German teacher from Mason City, Iowa. (Home of  Meredith Wilson famous for The Music Man) Frauee's German 4 students designed a tee shirt for a fundraiser. (I think it was for a fundraiser) The students used the Bavarian coat of arms and the blue fusils (diamonds) mostly associated with Bavaria. Bavaria is where Frauee's heart lies. The students did a great job with their design.

I had tried to order a shirt but heard about the fundraiser too late to get my order in on time. Frauee told me if a second printing was done, she'd let me know. Of course, she didn't let me know, but sent me the shirt anyway. Yeah, she's very generous that way.

If the front is spectacular the back is even better. You got to have a name printed on the back of the shirt. What could be more perfect for a Little Princess? Danke sehr, Frauee. Das Hemd ist ausgezeichnet! Ich mag es sehr gern.


  1. Nice. It's a perfect post for Mother's Day and the generosity of so many women. 😀 Enjoy yours. Hugs erika

  2. Unexpected prezzies are the best! Wear it in good health. :D

  3. What a perfect gift to share on Mother's Day. It's a genuine beauty, and I think your friend must know you quite well.