Saturday, March 22, 2008

Altered Dreams, RE - Cover

The sketchbook is nearly completed. I didn't like the fact that the front cover has the brand name of the paper I used plastered all over it.

There was a recent "green" thread on Cyberscribes about recycling. One of the members posted a technique using a brown paper bag, soaking it under water, rolling it up in a ball to create wrinkles then rolling blobs of acrylic paint around with a brayer. Mica powder was dusted over to create streaks of sparkle. When dry, the paper was ironed on the reverse side to smooth it out. Just needs to be glued and trimmed to the front cover.

1 comment:

  1. You have the coolest ideas. I papered a wall with brown bags once. Saw it on a home show were you scrunch them all up to make texture. I eventually papered over it with real wallpaper--it looked too much like grocery bags on the wall.

    Kind of reminds me of how we covered our school books in school--LOL.