Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Altered Dreams RE, Head Page

I made a huge dent in the book between yesterday and today in spite of finding happy little time wasters. I just have to write up the description for the legs which is pretty much the same thing I did for the arms, and to include a materials page. The doll is assembled and I took a photograph of her which I may include at the back of the book. Doesn't she look like Marie Antoinette?

As to the book, the following photo is the head page with a description of what to use, the idea of the dream catcher for the head. Yup, the emperor is still naked.

I don't draw very well. I can doodle, and I can trace, but actual drawings are another story. So I'm rather insufferably pleased with myself as how the mechanics of making the dream catcher are drawn. They almost look like real drawings.
Back to the drawing board.

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  1. Ya know, Wednesday Adams' dolls had no heads...

    This looks cool! Can't wait to see the finished piece and the finished sketchbook.