Friday, September 4, 2009

Like Farmville

This morning I looked out the window and there in the yard were three turkeys. It was just like Farmville only real! A mother and two poults. They were strolling and grazing through the grass looking for tidbits. The young stayed close to mom but were only interested in whatever they found in the grass. The mom was vigiliant. She'd take a step, look around, peck in the grass, lift her head to look around, and then dip her head for another peck.

What's outside your window today?


  1. We have a little native red squirrel, a Douglas Squirrel, who has decided to take up residence in our garden. He/she has started to make a home in one of our ancient bird houses, even going to the work of making the entrance a bit bigger. Some kind soul brought a pair of Eastern Gray Squirrels out to Stanley Park in Vancouver about 40 years or more ago. They have multiplied in those years and finally reaching Langley about 5+ years ago - about 35 miles! On their way, they have pushed the little red squirrel, native to this area, out further and further so that there are few or none left in their wake. We are very happy Little Red has decided our yard is safe enough to take up residence. The cats love him! watching from the front window with their ears flat on their heads - Squirrel TV!

  2. I have squirrels outside running around too. They have been digging in my flower pots planting things. There just seem to be lots this year and many little ones darting about trying not to get run over in the street.

  3. We have an evil chipmunk, however, Lena keeps it pretty at bay. Lena would have torn up the screens to get at your turkeys. Then again, they probably wouldn't have wandered through my fence. A definite pitfall...