Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's Baaaaack!

A year and a half ago, I got my computer with Vista 64 bit operating system. Downloaded drivers for all of the peripherals and everything worked ok except the all in one laser/printer/scanner. The printer worked fine. So did the copier, but the scanner? The scanner and the computer weren't talking. No TWAIN. No import from the scanner. Device not found. Put a call into Canon. Spent a good half hour on the phone with one of their techs. Nothing.

The laser/copier/scanner did interface quite nicely with the laptop running XP. If I wanted to scan something in, I'd shut my computer down, disconnect the USB printer cable, and connect it to the laptop. Boot the laptop and do my scanning. I'd either save the image to a thumb drive or usually upload the image to my Office Live Workspace. Then I'd shut the laptop down, disconnect the USB printer cable, reconnect and boot up the PC. Grab the image and away I'd go. A bit of a dance, but it worked.

The other day I had an image to scan, but didn't feel like running upstairs to get the laptop. So for chuckles, I put the image on the scanning bed, ran PSP X2. Under the import function, the scanner was there and labeled! And oh rapture, oh joy it worked! Happy dance.

Have you had a nice surprise lately?


  1. No, but I need one!

    I was trekking with your post until you got to PSPX2 and import function. LOL! I'm so not a techie.

  2. That's awesome! I love it when the unexpected works!