Thursday, April 15, 2010


With lousy weather, feeling crummy, and schedules finally syncing schedules, my friend, Red, was able to come over for tea. Several months back over steaming mugs of tea, Red mentioned she was looking for a china teapot. How she would love to use the china. Got me thinking because I have several teapots, china cups, and a china tea set which belonged to my mother. She  gave the tea set to me a few years ago. These items live in a curio cabinet and are not used. I thought setting the table with the china would seem pretentious. On the other hand, it seemed a shame not to use the fine china.

Ma bought the tea set when she first moved to the house where I grew up. She wanted something nice to have to serve the ladies tea. She found the tea set at Jordan Marsh. Most likely it was on sale as Ma was keen for the thrill of the hunt. The china is Rosenthal and the pattern is Caprice. Delicate ivory cups with pink dogwood and yellow forsythia blossoms. (I'd have preferred blue forget-me-nots) Ma worked so afternoon tea with the ladies didn't happen, but she used the set whenever we had company.

I set the table with the tea set, pretty dishes, and linen napkins. Baked a non-traditional Irish Soda bread. We ate, gossiped, laughed, and sipped tea from the pretty cups.  With Ink hopping up to check out the goodies, it was almost like being 6 yrs old and having a tea party with imaginary friends.

Do you use your fine china or best dishes only when you have company?


  1. Your table looks beautiful. I want to come over for tea :) I actually don't own any china - just everyday dishes.

  2. Fine china--what's that? LOL! We are lucky if everything matches and it's not throwaway ;)

  3. Looks like you made it a special day.

    I have china which rarely gets used, company on a holiday.

    I do have some nice dinnerware, a winter set, and a summery set with flowers and butterflies which my boys bought me, both sets because they thought I would like them, and I do. But every time I use them instead of the everyday plates, they want to know what's special about today.

  4. Julie, you're welcome any time.

    Georgiana, you're not alone. I only have these things because of my mother. I think fine china, crystal, silver was more her generation.

    Linda what's special about today applies to the vacuum too. When my girlies see the vacuum come out, they want to know who's coming over! LOL

  5. I don't have any fine china, but maybe when I visit you, we can use yours. :) Very pretty. You can pretend yours has blue flowers...or cowboys on it. :)

  6. If I had it, I would use it. I think it's a shame not to use it. I'm glad you did.

  7. We have good china and glasses - and use them as often as we can. We figure every day is special and worth celebrating. The fine tea cups don't get used as much I must admit -mostly because they seem so small compared to the usual mugs! I think I should get over that, get them out and just top them up more often..