Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Letter A Week Project

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with the letters or how to display them. I thought a wall hanging like a quilt would be cool. It would cost a fortune to frame and,  of course, I wouldn't have room to display it in the dollhouse. Making a book came to mind, but there were so many design decisions to make. How big, what kind of paper, what kind of binding? Made my head spin. I wanted something fun, but simple. Light bulb! Blocks! Then all the sanding and sealing the wood. Not to mention the cost. Fun, simple, but inexpensive, with materials I already have laying around.

So, I made the block out of a sheet of drawing paper. Outside lines are cut. Inside lines are scored. The box is then folded up and glued with Yes! Paste. The finished letters are then glued to the box faces. Ta Da! A block.
Have you started a project with one direction in mind, and then ended up with something very different?


  1. very cool... BUT gonna let grandkids play with 'em? :D

  2. Grandkids play with them? Heck no! When the time comes, I have a set of wooden alphabet blocks in a wagon. We also have a village block set that belonged to Himself when he was a little fella.