Friday, December 31, 2010

The Friday Five

We're not ones for big parties and prefer quiet celebrations. Five ways we celebrate New Year's Eve at my house.

1. We have Chinese food for dinner. So doesn't everyone else in my town so the wait at dinner time can be upwards of an hour or two to get your food. I beat the rush by calling in our order around lunch time. No wait. Little boxes and foil trays sit in the fridge all afternoon, and when we're ready to eat, everyone nukes their favorites on a plate.

2. We watch The Three Stooges marathon. We're a household of Stooges fans. Can't think of a better way of waiting for midnight than watching the boys. No matter how many times I've seen the routines, the jokes and schticks never get old.

3. Just before midnight, we will switch the television station over to watch the ball drop at Times Square, and marvel at how well preserved Dick Clark is.

4. Himself will pour us a festive beverage to toast in the New Year as the ball countdown begins. Egg nog, soda, sparkling juice in wine glasses. When the girlies were little, they got a big charge out of this.

5. After the toast, the old folks will immediately head to bed with a reminder to the girlies to make sure the house is locked up, and the lights, computers, and television are turned off.

How do you celebrate New Year's Eve?


  1. We used to have game night at church to bring in the New Year, but that kinda phased out. I like your idea though...sounds like fun! But I would definitely fall asleep on the couch!

  2. Take a nap in the afternoon, and then you don't worry about not making it until midnight. (-:

  3. Well, today I have to go to my husband's family's home since we are having Christmas tomorrow. (There are 45 people in his IMMEDIATE family!!! 5 brothers and sisters with HUGE families!) All but 3 are coming in. nap for me today. :(

  4. We hang out as a family at home. Watch movies, build jigsaws, play computer games...get ready for the blow out tomorrow. :)

    Happy New Year, and hyuck, hyuck. :)

  5. Ummmm, Erica, what in the world is:
    hyuck, hyuck

  6. Sherrinda, Nyuck,nyuck is Curly's catch phrase used when he's rather pleased with himself. Hyuck, hyuck is the Kansas with Minnesota twang dialect. (-;

  7. Sounds like we are doing the same as Erica today, plus throw in a birthday.

    Happy New Year!