Friday, December 17, 2010

The Friday Five

The weather dudes are humming about our first major snowstorm. I think they're jealous of the amount of snow that has piled up in the Land of Here There Be Dragons. (MN, IA and places further west of 495 (-;   ) I think the weather dudes also get a kick back from the grocery stores by creating a panic so that shelves of bread and milk are wiped out. Though I hate to get sucked into the panic mode, I also want to hedge my bet. So five things we do to prepare for a major storm.

1. Himself will fill up the gas can with gas. Both for the snow blower (though that needs to be fixed) and more importantly for the generator to keep the sump pump running in case the electricity goes out or the basement may flood.

2. I will fill up empty kitty litter buckets with water. No, not to drink. If we lose electricity, we also lose the pump to the well. No electricity, no well, no water to flush the toilet. The joys of life in the Back of Beyond. I will also fill the tea kettle and a couple of pitchers of water to drink.

3. Himself will go to the grocery store and will buy milk. Tea without milk is so barbaric as Blythe the Forger in The Great Escape tells Hendley the Scrounger.

4. Himself will also buy candy. This will be under the guise of filling the candy house for the holiday. (Four bags of candy have already disappeared. Damn elves.)

5. And just so we will have some nonperishable food stuffs, Himself will also tote home cookies, crackers, and chips. If the storm fizzles, Himself will be able to keep up his strength while watching the Patriots game on Sunday.

What storm preparations do you take in case of a major storm?

in the past we have found if we complete steps 1 and 2, the storm fizzles.


  1. Gas in the car. Milk, munchies, and maybe a new jigsaw puzzle.

  2. Storm? we do not understand this storm speak on the wet coast. Yes, I said *wet* coast. We are four blocks from the store and don't make any provisions when they say we are going to be under seige from the elements... I do try to keep gas in the car though.

  3. Gas in the car and milk in the frig.

    The puzzle sounds like a good idea, Erica.

  4. I do nothing. There is nothing I absolutely can't get to if absolutely necessary. No storm is utterly beyond me and something will always be open somewhere... ;) We're hearty that way.

    Plus, it's just me. Nothing I can't live without for a bit.

  5. Definitely gas in the car and perishables. Thankfully we don't get so snowed in that we can't make it to the store or the electricity goes out, but still! Can't count how many times we had to shovel off the roof last year. Oy!