Friday, March 25, 2011

The Friday Five

Hollywood legend, Elizabeth Taylor passed away this week.  She was stunningly beautiful and had such screen presence. Most people listing her movies would list her dramatic block-buster roles, but I loved her in her earlier and maybe less well known films.

1. National Velvet,  the spunky little girl who dared to dream she could win the Grand National race.

2. Father of the Bride follow the beautiful bride, Kay, as she and her mother plan the wedding. I confess I watch this movie for Spencer Tracy.

3. Cleopatra Taylor burns up the screen as the regal Queen of the Nile.

4. Life with Father Cousin Clara and her companion, Mary (Taylor) upset the clockwork running of the Day household. Mary develops a crush on the oldest son played by a baby Martin Milner in this turn of the 20th century period piece.

5. Ivanhoe, Rebecca of York risks her life and fortune to save Ivanhoe and England.

What's your favorite Elizabeth Taylor movie?


  1. Giant. LOVE that movie, love that book.

    I love it when she says "You knew what an awful girl I was when you married me!"

  2. I've watched so many old movies, yet I don't remember any Elizabeth Taylor ones besides Father of the Bride! Maybe it's time to update my Netflix?
    Have a great weekend!