Friday, May 31, 2013

The Friday Five

Last week, I won the Miss Communication award

1. The Eldest was going to the Anime Boston convention. She needed a lift into Boston so she wouldn't have to worry about the usurious parking rates. I heard her say she needed to meet her friends at 5 pm. on Friday. She was supposed to meet them at 5 pm on Thursday, but the chauffeurs already had Thursday plans. Oops.

2. Himself was on a committee interviewing candidates for teaching positions at the college. As he was leaving for work, I wished him an early day if the candidate for the last appointment cancelled. She did. Wish granted, but she cancelled because her son had broken his arm and she had to take him to the emergency room. Oops. Be careful what you wish for.

3. I got the weirdest call on my cellphone. If I don't recognize the number or CallerID says unknown, I don't answer. If the call is important, the caller will leave a voice mail. The number for this call was 565-666. It's not even a real phone number! 666 the number of the Devil! I think Crowley, the King of Hell from Supernatural was trying to call me!

4. While following the GPS to A's house, I took a left too early so drove all over town looking for a chance to make a legal U-turn.

5. I started this post last week, scheduled it, but never finished it until now.

Have you had an off week?


  1. Oh my!! You got dialed from HELL!! Too funny!!!

    1. I don't know whether to be amused or scared

    2. Jill also had a comment on Facebook that I thought was hilarious. She said I have Hell on speed-dial