Sunday, July 20, 2014

Wheels on the Bed

The new Sleep Number bed arrived on Friday. Yay! The upside is the bed seems to be comfortable. The downside is the bed frame is on wheels. WTH? When I mentioned this to the delivery man who set the bed up, he said he could lock the wheels, and we could go to the big box store and buy cup casters. WTH? We paid close to the amount for this bed as my first car. He locked the wheels, but the frame still careens across the floor with the slightest touch. Not safe.

So, I went back to the store to complain. I mean, really, unless the bed is to be used in a hospital to get from the ER to another floor, what the hell does it need wheels for? What a stupid design! The store manager was very nice. She said  the design is being changed because of the complaints. She said the delivery guy was supposed to have the cup casters on his truck. Guess not, if he told us to go buy them at the hardware store.  I asked if we could swap the wheelie frame for a stationary frame. She called customer service, but CS isn't opened all day on Saturday and not at all on Sunday. Of course, not. She sent CS an email and noted my complaints. Said I should hear from them sometime Monday. Stay tuned.


  1. Everybody is buying new beds.... Is this one that raises up? That's what I want. Sounds like the manager is at least trying to rectify the problem. The guy that set it up....not so much.

  2. Yes, you can raise the head and feet! From reviews I read, people seem to be happy with customer service. We'll see

    1. Oh, and because the bed is a full size, there are no individual controls for raising the head or foot of the bed. If your partner doesn't want head or feet up and you do, and you have the control, it will be too bad for him.

  3. I think they try their best to satisfy the customers. Keep us apprised.