Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Day at the Beach

After visiting Uncle Manny, Teague took me to Castle Island in South Boston. We bought lunch at Sullivan's and sat on the hill shaded by Fort Independence and trees to eat our lunch. It was hot and wicked humid so I had a hamburger instead of an order of fried clams. After our picnic, we strolled by the fort and walked along the harbor way to the beach at Pleasure Bay.

Memorial to shipbuilder Donald McKay

Flag on top of the fort

view of the control tower at Logan International Airport

across the harbor (pronounced habah)

Monument and Fort Independence

Jelly fish

Another view of the harbor


  1. Sounds like a lovely day. But I'm confused as to what humidity has to do with your luncheon choice.......?

    1. High heat coupled with humidity can make eating deep, fried fish upsetting.

  2. I've caught up...see what you mean about the jellyfish not having colour....still something I wouldn't want to touch though! lol.

  3. I echo Robin's sentiments. grin.
    Sounds like a beautiful day.