Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Vision Board

As part of The Art of Stress Relief class I'm teaching, we made vision boards of our safe, happy place.

As I pulled pictures from magazines my blue theme emerged. A studio on an island in a lighthouse. How cool would that be?

No Fresnel lens. Just a huge space with 360 degree view of the ocean. There would be a place to relax outside and a gazebo to work outside.

Inside, a clean, airy, organized studio. Lots of windows and lots of space for supplies. I'm pretty sure the silhouette of the woman, is the person who will clean up after me.

Of course, the location doesn't need to make sense or be well thought out. Like what happens during storms or winters on the island when the ferry can't get through with food and other supplies. Donner, party of four...

Do you have a happy place where you would live and/or work?


  1. Can I come visit your happy place.

  2. Visit? Heck, I'd be right there with ya' living in the lighthouse!!! The storms would be AWEsome!