Saturday, June 18, 2016

Cure for the Common Head Cold

I was asked what I watched on Netflix this week while I was side-lined with a head cold. Most programs were pretty mindless because it's hard to concentrate while your face is caving in. I knew I was feeling better when I could follow a complicated plot,

Star Trek - only favorite Bonesentric episodes

Chuck computer nerd becomes a spy

Quantum Leap Theorizing a person can time travel on his own timeline, a scientist makes the leap. He finds himself in someone else's life trying to right wrongs from the past hoping to leap back to his own life. Oh, boy.

Chopped  cooking competition watched with The Eldest

The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross and his happy, little trees,  is a hypnotic balm

An Unfinished Life Robert Redford, 

Buck a documentary about Buck Branaman, the inspiration for The Horse Whisperer

Run, Boy, Run movie based on the life of an 8 yr old boy who survived the Nazi takeover of Warsaw by hiding in the woods and how he survived the war.

The Giver in a perfect society, a young man is chosen to be the keeper of memories

Turn Washington's spies during the Revolutionary War

What do you watch when you're feeling under the weather?


  1. Thank you!!! I love to find new shows and movies to watch. And I love Bones too!

  2. I used to love Quantum Leap! :)
    I like old B&W movies (sick or well, lol). Ones I've seen a million times so I can close my eyes and still know what's going on!