Thursday, June 2, 2016

Throwback Thursday

Passenger and Crew List S.S.Romanic sailing from Naples, 18. May 1906 arriving at the port of Boston 31. May 1906

List 47
Line 6
Name: Todisco, Achille (my grandfather)
Age: listed as 15, but he would have been 17 years old
Occupation: Tailor
Last Residence: Torre Le Nocelle
Destination: Brother-in-law, Emanuele de Cristofaro (great-uncle Manny, the stone cutter) at 68 Prince St. Boston, Massachusetts
Previous Travel: No

While working on my genealogy, I decided to vist the blog, The Genealogy of Torre le Nocelle  Torre is the town in Italy where my father's family comes from.  I stumbled onto the blogpost about the ship manifest, the Canopic, and saw my grandfather listed.

I went to my family tree on to see if I could find the record. Instead, I found the same information, but the ship is listed as the Romanic.

What struck me the most was the date. I found the blog post and the record on 1. June 2016. 110 years and one day since my grandfather came to his new country.


  1. It's cool to actually see the manifests isn't it?

    1. Yes, they have such wonderful information. And I think he came over with a cousin. Need to follow that thread to be sure