Monday, April 23, 2012

Dark Shadows

This weekend, I saw the trailer for the Tim Burton - Johnny Depp movie, Dark Shadows based on the late 1960s television soap opera. I loved the show. At 4pm, I'd drop whatever I was doing (usually homework) to watch the latest installment. Sparkly vampires have their charm but can't hold a candle to the elegance that was Barnabas Collins.

I hope the movie is more dark comedy than bumbling schtick of a vampire out of sync with time as the trailer seems to be. I'm equally looking forward to the movie. That's a surprise to me as I usually don't care for remakes. So if you want to kill an afternoon when the movie is released, give me a call.

Did you run home from school to watch Dark Shadows? Will you go see the movie?


  1. I never heard of it either. We watched Gilligan's Island after school.

  2. Lol. I forget how young you girls are.

  3. I never saw Dark Shadows but I did hear of it from my days of reading Soap Opera Digest. :-)
    The trailer looked good.