Friday, April 20, 2012

The Friday Five

Five things, besides Cacciatore, that have returned to the garden about a month earlier than usual.

1. The clematis at the front light pole. This didn't even sprout last Spring as the Winter was so brutal. I thought it was lost forever. Hmm, looks like the pole and rails need to be painted.

2. the hydrangea is starting to bud

3. a Hollyhock which had been dug up when the sun room was installed is sprouting. At least, I think it's a hollyhock. It could be rhubarb.

4. ants. It's been so dry, I think they are on a quest for water.

5. Mayflies. Clouds of them are swarming in the backyard. Makes me glad I can sit bug free, except for the occasional ant, in the sun room.

What's it like in your back yard?


  1. Still kind of barren. We always have a late spring here, but I see some greenery popping up here and there. :)

  2. Lilacs trying to decide if they will bloom since it's so cold. Crab Apple blossoms in pink and white. The annual infestation of dandelions. Grass that needs mowed already. :)

  3. Actually, the season change is very subtle here. But spring has sprung when THE FREAKIN BIRDS START THEIR COURTING SONGS AT 3 AM! LOL

  4. Weedy!!!!!! It is very green though. Last year our grass started to turn brown because of the record heat and watering restrictions. :)