Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Proof of the Yogurt

is in the eating. As yogurts go, this recipe isn't bad. Though strained for "Greek" yogurt, it was not as thick as commercial yogurt. Thickness could be remedied next time around by using gelatin. The yogurt had a nice, creamy consistency, similar to Dannon's Light and Fit the commercial yogurt I buy. I used honey for the sweetener, though next time around I'll cut the amount a little. The recipe yielded eight, 1/2 cup servings from a half gallon of milk.

So, pros and cons of making your own yogurt.

No additives or preservatives
You control the amount of sweetness
Clean up was easy as I used a crockpot liner.

Takes a long time. Next time, I'd start the process earlier in the day.
Not as thick as Greek-style yogurt
Because of no preservatives, the yogurt won't last more than a week in the fridge.


  1. Good for you, CJ! I'm lazy enough, I just pick it off the store shelf:)

  2. Better for you! No preservatives and much less sugar! Give your halo a buff for being so good! ;)