Thursday, February 27, 2014

On The Bard

One of the things I love about my job, is helping a client visually interpret words. Technology makes this so much easier and quicker. I can do a rough "drawing", scan it into the computer, and send it to the client for suggestions or approval.

For this piece to be given as a birthday gift, the client wanted a few stars, and originally I had placed them at the top and bottom edge of the illuminated initial. Very traditional.

The client sent the piece back saying she wanted the stars in a flourish to even out the attribution line. She had drawn a small flourish which I used to get the shape and smoothed for a more graceful line.

I love the clean lines of this piece. I also enjoyed the collaboration. The client will be pleased to give a gift she helped create.

Ziller Glossy Black, Brause 3/4 mm and 1/2 mm. on Arches 90 lb. watercolor paper.

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