Friday, February 17, 2017

The Friday Five Good Things

Taken through the dining room window, the squirrel
perches on the ladder to wait his turn at the feeder.
The male cardinal was there.
Five good things that happened this week.

1. The Eldest was able to make it home through the snow without getting stuck in the dead of night.

2. Had The Brother and his family over for lunch. While we were eating, The Nephew noticed the male cardinal sitting on the trellis. Just Dad stopping by. He loved it when we all got together. After lunch, we spent the afternoon playing with essential oils.

3.  Another snow storm. Happily, it was The Eldest's day off so she didn't have to go into work. The Brother had told me no matter how old the kids get, a parent still worries even when the chicks have flown the nest.

4. Himself's school cancelled classes for Monday. The Young One was supposed to start her first day of work, but she received an email telling her to stay home. A snow day for her, too. No worries and the storm for us wasn't as bad as predicted.

5. For Valentine's Day, The Eldest gave me three new essential oils. A blend called Love, and two single oils Cumin and Cardamom. She enjoys playing with the essential oils, too, so now we have 80.

How was your week?


  1. WOW 80? I still have some left over from the soap making days but we never had 80! ;)

    1. Yup, 80. The box that holds the oils has space for 100. That's our goal. Can you say addiction?

  2. CJ...thanx for the link...previous post....{ no tv hooked up in my house so downton abbey is a no go } someone had a hairstyle like what was depicted in the link; can't recall now who; great or great great gram !! glad everyone stayed safe during the recent snows; I need be careful saying this for fear of jinxing....60's are forecast for us next week, maybe for you too ?? ♥♥♥

    1. I bet your local library has the series on DVD for loan or e-download. And yes, our temps are going up to the 50s and mild for the coming week.

  3. So glad to read all is well at your place AND work and school have been canceled. That means the family has a longer weekend, too. Great news for your Friday five.