Monday, October 8, 2007

ATC - Dr. Seuss

This month's ATC theme was Dr. Seuss. Since today was a rainy day, it was a perfect day to play with Thing One and Thing Two. I found this theme to be hard to interpret. I looked at Green Eggs and Ham, my favorite Suess book, but couldn't find anything that inspired me. Scoured the Internet for images and quotes. Finally came across this one:

"You're in pretty good shape for the shape you are in."

But what to do for an image. Last year, I had made some ink blots for a small book I made. Yes, these were done on purpose like Rorschach blots. Anyway, one of the ink blots reminded me of a silhouette of Dr. Seuss' creatures. Maybe even the venerable Cat himself if he was wearing tails along with his stove pipe hat. The background is a computer generated image created in Paint Shop Pro. The ink blots were printed on glossy paper and mounted with double stick tape to give a 3D effect. Ziller Glossy Black ink with heaven knows what size crowquill.


  1. INKBLOTS!!! about making lemonade...Oh, wait, we're off the lemon thing...ROFL!!!!

  2. You think of the cleverest things! Who else would think of using ink blots as art?