Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lady Bugs

The lady bugs arrived in swarms today. Each year in October on a warm day, not an Indian summer day, as we haven't had a first frost yet, but on an unseasonably warm day, the lady bugs arrive. Hundreds of them dotted the house, the windows, the screens. Several dozen were walking along the ceiling of the front porch. Ink was entertained by them. He eagerly watched them flit about. Tentativley touched his paw to the screen and then decided just to watch the little critters. They decorated the house all day and then at sunset they vanished as mysteriously as they arrived.


  1. I'd rather have the ladies... Too wet and cool here. However before the rains came (WAY back WHEN) it was the icky old box elders... Cute image of Ink watching. Hans could care less.

  2. yup, we've got box elder bugs EVERYWHERE this year. Pookie watches them too, then eats one and yaks it up. so delightful.

  3. I had thousands of lady bugs on my house yesterday. The kids had to swat their way into the house. Kinda reminded me of the movie, "The Birds"! The little ones were really freaking out. Of course I told them lady bugs were lucky and that they will make the Red Sox win that night. And it worked!! Hope they stay around all weekend!!