Monday, October 15, 2007

Scrabblings II

I finally ventured down here. I don't hear anything running around in the walls. Not sure whether that is good news or bad news. It could mean the critter dropped dead behind the wall. Guess we'll know in a day or two. That would be bad news. Maybe Ink made a friend last night and had a little snack. Come to think of it, Ink did leave me a huge kibble tube that he hawked up. That was bad news too. Maybe the critter found his way out. That would be really good news.


  1. Maybe it turned INTO SOMETHING and is waiting for OCT. 31st to have YOU for a snack? Or, I could be wrong. :)

  2. lots of maybes...

    I'm routing for Ink!

  3. Gooooo, INK! Time to get the spray insulation and the caulk and go about sealing up the house against winter and chippies.

  4. Hi CJ, thanks for visiting my blog. You graduated from Boston University? Boston is my VERY favorite city. How did you like living there? My favorite book is The Seacoast of Bohemia by Arona McHugh. It's set in Boston, came out in the late 60s I think. :)

    And I love your "If you can think it, I can ink it" slogan. I'm going to snoop around your blogs and see what I can learn. :)