Saturday, December 15, 2007

Chemist Christmas

What decoration does a chemist put up at Christmas?

I had a cupcake stand that lives on top of the microwave. Other than baking cupcakes, I couldn't think of what to do to make the cupcake stand look festive. Himself, a chemistry professor, said he would bring home some small glassware from his lab. The Young One and I spent her day off hunting up doo-dahs to put into the beakers, flasks, and test tubes. Voilá! A Chemist Tree! Duh


  1. Hm, you sure have a lot of time on your hands, don't you? Must be all that snow.

    Very cute and Christmasy! You could have filled one with the chocolate dipped pretzels too.

  2. You are really sharp. Great ideas, as usual. Wow! I would love you to live near me. Maybe some of your creativity would rub off to me. Are you finished with your Christmas shopping? I still have a few things to get. I cannot drive yet, so my husband, or friends have taken me shopping. Thank God for friends. When I was in the hospital the doctor took me off of my Adderall, Clonzapane, and Ambien. It's taking some adjustments living without those meds., but I know it is for the best. I've been taking ADHD meds. for 18 years, and having a hard time focusing without it. I feel healthier though, and that's what counts. Wishing you a Blessed Christmas, and New Year. hugs to you and yours,

  3. thats so koo! U can do that too with baby jar bottles and use hot glue and stack them all up in a shape of a xmas tree and put sum tinsel(those long silver thingies that u can toss all over the xmas some inside each baby jar n run a string of xmas lights thru each jar. It looks really koo wen its all finished. I learned that in sum art class I took a looonnng time ago! lol. I'll b by again soon 2 catch up on all I've missed in the life n times of CJ! lol!! Warm Alohas frm Az my friend!