Monday, December 3, 2007

Snow Day

The storm that whacked the midWest over the weekend, gave us a little bit of snow and freezing rain/drizzle. The Young One wore her pajamas inside out last night to find school had been cancelled this morning. Snow Day

Work wasn't cancelled for me. That's what you get when your commute is down a flight of stairs to the basement. Have 3 envelope sets to finish and this job is done.

This afternoon, the Young One and I will clean the livingroom and will start putting up Christmas decorations. Christmas Lights


  1. Sounds like a perfect plan for a snow day. I'm hoping we don't get snow or we won't get to The Beach on Wednesday.

  2. Congrats to the young one and congrats on getting the envies done.

  3. We even got 2 hours delay... Moe snow moving in tomorrow... Congrats!

  4. You could have hurricane winds and torrential downpours... it was fun, LOTS of fun. No. Really.