Thursday, December 13, 2007

Classical Music

I enjoy classical music and usually listen to it while I drive. No matter how hard I try, there are just certain themes that are indelibly etched into my head. I learned most of my classical music from television. Can't say that the pieces have been spoiled, but they certainly are colored a definite shade of happy.

Rossini's Overture to William Tell is one of those pieces. For the life of me, whenever I hear it, I can't imagine a Swiss hunter defiantly refusing to bow to a hat on a pole in homage to Austrian rule. Nope, can't see it. I hear hoofbeats and see a masked man on a magnificent white steed thundering across TX righting wrongs and avenging the deaths of his TX ranger brother and other rangers.

While driving down the road yesterday I heard Wagner's Overture to Tannhauser. All I could see and hear was the Warner Bros. cartoon What's Opera, Doc There's Bugs dressed as Brunhilde on a very rubenesque white mare sashaying towards Elmer as the mighty warrior with his spear and magic helmet. He looks more like a bullet than a hero. Roll

"Oh, Brunhilde, you'we so wovewy."

"Yes, I know it. I can't help it."

Then Elmer and Bugs (Brunhilde) in the pas de deux and Elmer bouncing Bugs across the stage. Then Elmer's grand jetes as he leaps after Bug.

This cartoon just slays me and has to be my all time favorite cartoon. ROTFL
What about you? Do you have a favorite piece of music or a favorite cartoon?


  1. HEE HEE HEE... I use classical in the car in big cities to provide a more tranquil environment... You reminded me of one of my sister-in-law's stories... She dragged my bro to the opera. As it began, she had to slug my brother as he kept chanting "kill da wabbit, kill da wabbit!"

    Young one sleeping with the jammies inside out tonight?

  2. Speawe and magic hehwmitt!

    Gotta love Elmer...I also like The Barber of Seville a la Bugs. :)

  3. Oh man - the classic Warner Bros. cartoons are the best and it's hard to pick just one. I'm also extremely fond of The Animaniacs, a mid-90s WB revival of the smart cartoon aimed at kids and adults.

    Now I just want to watch cartoons and not do anything else today :-(

  4. I love hearing tunes I recognize in cartoons. This isn't classical but there is one Tom and Jerry that uses the old song, "A Cup of Coffee, a Sandwich and you." Always keeps me laughing.