Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Valentine/Thank Ewe

This card is a valentine/thank ewe for my friend, Lambie. She's always making cinnamon buns for me and home made marshmallows, too. I'm pretty sure Lambie doesn't read my blog, but if you do, Lambie, you know how worthy you are.

The card was adapted from the scottie dog card found at Circle of Crafters. A lamb was chosen because Lambie used to raise sheep to spin wool. Red is her favorite color. The hardest part of the card was the threading the needle and doing the chain stitch. Almost opted for pasting a heart on a doily and calling it good.


  1. How cute! I bought some valentine supplies today and hope to come up with something creative tomorrow.

  2. This is w-a-y better than a heart glued to a doily!