Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 22, Continued

Things moved a lot faster than I expected. The carpenter and helper arrived to start the tile work. I thought the tile would be delivered and would need to acclimate before it could be installed. Nope, doesn't need to.

The tile store didn't open until mid-morning so they had to wait for the field tile. The carpenter laid out and installed the mermaid mural over the sink and neatly mitred the corners of the rope tile for a frame. Gorgeous.

The assistant production manager brought the field tile. Though I teased him the whole lot had to go back because the tiles weren't white enough.

The carpenter had compared tiles and the snow white ones were obviously cream colored. Even he admitted that. I got to say told ya so. Lol

The carpenter and I unwrapped the decorative tiles and discussed how they would be placed.

When he left, part of one wall was tiled. It's starting to look like a real bathroom.


  1. that is so exciting! it looks so sparkly white and clean. :)

  2. Faster than you know it...