Thursday, March 12, 2009


The other ATC theme for this month is wings.

A paper butterfly floats on a blue wash with sparkle powder which didn't show up in the photo. I think the paper is by Strathmore. Ziller Winter White, Nikko G nib.

The ATC cards came precut in a goodie bag I received. Funny how the close-up makes the antennae look like match sticks! LOL They came from a tiny cluster of silk flowers.


  1. Lovely... A friend is making me thank you notes for the big party that look kinda similar. I thought instantly of them.

  2. You make such pretty things.

    I'm finally going to break down and ask. What does ATC stand for?

  3. Linda, ATC stands for Artist Trading Card. The concept started in 1996 in Switzerland. Rather like a calling card or business card for artists. They can be made out of any material and use any medium. The only rules are they must measure 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" (the size of a basebal trading card)and they must only be for trade not for sale.

  4. Ceej, one of the things I find most amazing about you is that you see possibilities everywhere. You truly have an artist's eye.