Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 40

Today, the contractor sent the cleaning ladies to shine up the bathroom. A perfect perc for The Little Princess. When they were done they left a rose on the toilet tissue roll. How clever and pretty is that?

The bathroom is pretty much done. Most likely new shower doors will be ordered so that will take a couple of weeks before they arrive. The dumpster and port-o-potty will be leaving tomorrow. So for all intents and purposes, the bathroom is complete. No more crews coming in and out. Time to get back to my routine and get back on the treadmill.


  1. what a fun little touch

    Yay on the getting back to routine

  2. Wow, a cleaning crew? I guess I've never heard of that before. Nice touch. I take it the shower doors are working until the replacements arrive? You aren't back to the curtain?

  3. Yup, Nutter the shower doors work so we don't have to go back to the awful shower curtain.