Saturday, April 11, 2009


My computer is giving me fits and starts. It seems to get slower and slower, especially on boot. I am so tempted to try percussive maintenance but instead will whine about seven things to dislike about Vista.

1. Microsoft, the "we say so" company. I wish Bill wouldn't decide what I want my machine to do.

2. Vista 64, the quad processor isn't faster, and it doesn't interface well with some peripherals. Like my scanner which was working until the computer was moved for the remodel.

3. Like all the previous versions of Windows OS, Vista is a pig.

4. The machine is chugging, but I have no idea what it's working on. I miss the days of being able to press the escape key, put a Settrace and follow what the program was doing. I miss DOS

5. Even though you are allowed to schedule or cancel Windows updates, this is a Fisher-Price feature. Lights flash and wheels spin, but the program flips you the bird and does the updates anyway.

6. Vista makes the Unix OS on the old Burroughs XE-550 I used to work on, look like a gazelle.

7. Microsoft's new OS, Windows 7, will be shipping at the end of this year. A Vista by any other name is just as slow.


  1. *cough* Didn't I warn you? *Note: I didn't say, "I told you so."

  2. Vista is keeping me from buying a new computer. I sure hope 7 will be different. Sigh.