Thursday, March 11, 2010

Work In Progress

A sheet of Diploma parchment, at least I think it's Diploma parchment, it feels like Diploma parchment and looks like it too, was cut down to 10 inch. square. The guide lines were laid out. The text lightly penciled in. The piece is ready to be inked.

I can see some raised eyebrows, hear a tisk of the tongue at lightly penciling in the text. Being lefthanded, I write over my own writing. Fact of life. So I must letter a few letters or words, be very patient, and let the ink dry thoroughly or I'll end up putting my hand in the wet ink and smearing the writing. Not a happy picture. Because of having to start and stop frequently, I can lose the rhythm. The pencil text helps me keep the rhythm so the piece looks like it was done in one sitting instead of piece meal.
I haven't penciled in the dragon illustration in the center of the circle. This in case I make a mistake while lettering the text. Rule of thumb, letter first and artwork last. It's easier to fudge a mistake in the artwork, but sometimes one mistake in the lettering and the entire piece will have to be done over. And that mistake always seems to happen on the last letter of the last line.

Oh, the Diploma parchment isn't that parchment paper you might find in craft stores. That stuff is nasty. Ink will just bead up on that paper. This is a beautiful weight paper with a creamy color. It takes both ink and gouache well. The paper got it's name because this was the paper diplomas were printed on a long time ago. At least that's the story I heard. I have no clue who the paper mill is. Just hope they don't discontinue this paper or change the formula.
How's your work in progress coming along? How do you keep the rhythm in what you're working on?


  1. Very interesting process. Now see, I'd have done the artwork first and messed up the letters at the very end. Waiting to see the finished project!

  2. Lol and after a few times of spending all that time on the artwork and then having to re-do the lettering, you'd switch and start with the lettering first

  3. My WIP is going in fits and starts. I'm hoping to gain some momentum on it today. :)

    Can't wait to see the finished piece.

  4. It is fun to see the process you use. Kind of like how all these writing people put their books together. It shows us the inside things that it takes to make a finished product, the stuff we wouldn't know/think about. I'm looking forward to seeing it finished too!