Friday, February 10, 2012

The Friday Five

Five amusing items from my spam folder.

1. Senior People Meet. com. Guess I'm too old now for the regular

2. Belly Fat Blast. This appeared a couple of times this week so must be a not so subtle hint.

3. The Lint Lizard. Must crawl through the dryer eating all the frafuss (belly button lint) that collects in the screen, hose, and vent.

4. I received not one, but two invitations to the Rich Club. Auntie Rose must really love me.

5. Take a Coffee Survey. Ok.  I hate it. Not really. I hate the taste of it, but love the smell. I loved to stand by the coffee grinder at the A&P when I was a kid and snort the coffee bean fumes.

What's in your spam folder?


  1. Hmmm, yours are more benign than mine. Mine have a lot to do with pharmacy offers and promises to enhance anatomy I don't even own.

  2. I just started getting the Senior People Meet too! Not so subtle, huh? LOL