Friday, February 3, 2012

The Friday Five

Five things about the Super Bore, or other sports championships

1. The media hype. Maybe it's worse when the regional team wins the playoffs. The start of all news broadcasts is about the TEAM as if no other news is happening around the world. The way the news casters talk you would think these men could walk on water.

2. Female  news anchors sent to cover the big game ask inane questions such as which quarterback would you rather date? I suppose this fluff question is to pull in the female demographic as if women would have no knowledge of the game other than who is cute. Why should we care?

3. Though some of the big game commercials are fun, thoughtful, or clever, why do we have to be teased to watch them before the big game? Don't show me snippets of a scantily clad woman with a checkered racing flag dropping in front of her. Save it for the big day. I don't care.

4. If hearing about the game all week isn't bad enough, the focus is also on the celebrity who is performing at half time. Yawn!

5. The final whistle doesn't end game. There will be endless yapping about who won or lost. And fans going overboard with their celebration or disappointment. People, it's only a game!

I'll spend my time watching paint dry.


  1. Super Bore! LOL Very good! Never heard that one before. And I agree 100% with everything you said!

  2. Oh CJ! Do you really mean it? You're not gonna watch? My team isn't playing again this year, but it's a good time to get out the snack food and get comfy.

  3. Ha! I am looking forward to seeing Madonna perform and Steven Tyler with Carrie Underwood. That's about it. LOL

  4. Yes, Linda, I really mean it. If they would just play the game, it wouldn't be so bad. There'll be a pre-pregame, the pregame and then the game which because the sponsors are paying big bucks for their commercials, will be dragged out with the halftime stuff and time outs, and the inane commentaries.

  5. Ok, you've got good points about the pre-pregame show, the pregame show and all the extra blah blah blah, but still, it's the Super Bowl. We'll turn it on right before kickoff and use the extra talk and commercials to refill drinks and snacks.