Monday, February 20, 2012

Comment Moderation

Dear Blogger,

Would you kindly fix your "new" Captcha words for the comment moderation? I have no problem with the concept, but the practice is another thing. One word is perfectly legible, but the other is beyond comprehension even if I wasn't having problems with my vision. Sure, I can click the reload button to try again, but  the next group of words isn't any better, or the group after that, or the group after that. I have the same complaint with the audio. I couldn't hear any intelligible words above the babble when I tried that option. I'm apt to not leave a comment just so I don't have to waste ten minutes hitting the reload button for a second or a third option. Not being able to leave a comment punishes the blog author.

None of us want automated programs to abuse our blogs. Just make it a little easier for the humans to leave a comment and move on.


Am I  the only one having problems with the "new" Blogger Captcha?


  1. I know exactly what you mean CJ...I keep on having to repeat the process, so decided I didn't want people having to do that on my blog..I opted out of the weird word bit to make it easier and wait to see what happens next.

  2. These things drive me crazy. Use TWO REAL WORDS BLOGGER!
    I've got it with this reply too, ironically one of the words is RAGE.

  3. I'm following Ann and opying out of comment moderation

  4. It's like trying, and failing, to find the picture within a picture. I hate it!

    Here's my solution. I turn off captcha and turn on comment moderation. Set it to "2 days" (or however long you want). Any comments added after 2 days of the original post show up in my comment moderation. I can publish them after reviewing. All current comments show up automatically--it really cures the spam issue, too. Try it!