Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Need New...

I handle my dad's bank account so the other morning I went online to check the account. I noticed a charge for BOBS of MA that I didn't recognize. I called Himself at work to see if he had used Dad's debit card to make a purchase. Nope. BOBS of MA. Hmmm...

Back in September, the nursing home wanted us to buy Dad a recliner. One of the symptoms of Alzheimer's is wandering and Dad is constantly on his feet. As a result poor old dude has severe swelling in his ankles. When he sits down, he won't elevate his legs. We had gone to a few furniture stores looking for a small recliner. We happened to stop in at Bob's Furniture, but the chair that would fit the room was sold out and not expected for several months.

Since I was going to be at the bank to get Dad's monthly allowance, I'd ask about the charge.

I explained the situation to the manager and she called up the account.

"What's the transaction in question?"

"It's from BOBS of MA in the amount of $186.47

She turned her monitor so I could see the screen.

"You mean this transaction from BCBS of MA. Blue Cross and Blue Shield?"

Would you like me to make you an appointment for an eye exam, Mrs. Magoo?

To the manager's credit, she didn't call me a maroon. Though it was painfully clear I need new glasses. I have scheduled an eye exam. Hopefully, Bausch and Lomb will be able to grind the same kind of corrective lenses they made for the Hubble telescope.

When was your last eye exam?


  1. :) Oops! I got lasik - so when I do stuff like this, I don't even have an excuse.

  2. !dniM reveN....oh sorry I mean Never Mind! It comes to us all CJ :)LOL.

  3. Now THAT is funny! LOL I feel your pain! Ann is right, it comes to us all!