Friday, July 6, 2012

The Friday Five

Five decisions I made this week

1. Start a blog to go along with the Etsy shop. Thought buyers might be interested in stories behind some of the items in the shop.

2. Picked the platform. Decided to stick with Blogger because it's what I know.

3. Pick layout and design. Pick color. That was a no brainer. Wanna guess what color?

4. The Young One edited a pink, copyright free pig and made Mafundsalo white and blue. I found the wings from a PSP tube site. She altered the color. Didn't my baby do a great job? I was able to make the banner used at the blog and the Etsy shop.

5. I wrote the first Mafundsalo blog and scheduled it to post today.

What decisions did you make this week?


  1. Many, many decisions today! I cleaned the studio! Whew!
    Cute piggie!