Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Flick Your Bic

Robin over at Pink House Studio told me about a new toy. Bic, the makers of ballpoint pens, have made a disposable fountain pen. Not only is it disposable, but it's cheap inexpensive. Robin told me the pens were available at Staples. I found a two pack and a three pack with black, red, and blue ink. The three pack was under $10 including sales tax. I think the two pack was a buck less.

The packaging states the pen is "ready to use" out of the package. No lie. The pen is a nice weight, and writes without skipping.

The saying from a fortune cookie, "Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows" had me taking the pen for a spin in my journal. The pen makes a medium weight monoline, and the ink dries quickly. However, the ink is not waterproof.  I used colored pencils to color the sunflower even though I would have preferred to use watercolor pencils. Since the ink is not waterproof, with a brush and water adding a shadow would be easy. Will have to play with that sometime.

While I wouldn't use the pen for fine work, it's portability and ease of use will make it a fine addition to traveling with a journal or working away from the studio. And, as soon as the pen runs out of ink, I'll try taking the pen apart to see if it can be refilled.

Have you used the Bic disposable fountain pen?

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  1. Aren't they great? I'm having a love affair with mine. I just wish they made one with waterproof ink so we could use watercolors with them. Maybe we should write to Bic and suggest it! If enough of us ask.......who knows.