Monday, April 8, 2013

Card for Prissy

My elderly neighbor, Prissy, broke her leg last week. Looks like Prissy will be spending the next month or so in a rehab hospital.

I'm rather lost today. Monday is the day I go to Prissy's house to pick up her trash. She only has one dinky bag of trash and a couple of recyclables. Silly for her to pay for trash pick up. Mid-afternoon, I'd give her a call.


"You got trash?"

"You comin' over?"

"Yeah, put the kettle on."

I've been having tea with Prissy at least once a week since we moved here 27 years ago. She's like another mother only she doesn't push my buttons like my ma does even though Prissy sometimes has the same opinion as Ma.

Tea without Prissy today. And wouldn't she just love to hear the Leaf Lady spoke to me last week?


  1. She WOULD love to hear about the Leaf Lady.

    Wish I was there to have tea with you.

  2. Ah, friends for 27 years. That's really special.

  3. Awww, I bet she's missing you too!